Welcome to france-ABA, the french chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

Our objective is to function in France, as the liaison with, and representative of the Association for Behavior Analysis, ABA International.
Our Mission is to advance behaviour analysis in France and french speaking countries (in particular Maghreb). France-ABA’s interests lie in basic science focusing on principles governing human and nonhuman behaviour (i.e., the experimental analysis of behaviour) as well as applied science focusing on application of those principles for improvement of socially important problems (applied behaviour analysis), and disseminating this information to stimulate interest in and correct misunderstandings of behaviour analysis in the general public.

How to become a member ?
Send a mail to adhesion@france-aba.com with your name and adress. Join a short resume and a short statement indicating why you would like to join us. We will contact you.